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Healing and retreat Healing and retreat

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About Us

The Founder :  Jacques Tombazian Authors, Alchemist, Lecturer, Inventor & Spiritual Healer Jacques Tombazian is a Lebanese born Canadian Author, Alchemist and Planetary Light and Peace worker. Born in June 27 1955 he is a Holistic Health and Alchemy practitioner. Jacques has been interested in metaphysics and has a vast understanding of our multi-layerered levelsof being, Body, Soul, Spirit and beyond. In 1994 he immigrated to Canada and founded the Canadian Centre for Esoteric Research and Teaching where he... 

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“…Within 24 hours the cyst was almost all gone.”

“…We are growing new accounts.. by nearly 1,000% per month..”

“I am sleeping full nights, 8 to 10 hours!”

“…I found myself to be cured from [herpes] completely…”