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About Us

The Founder :  Jacques Tombazian Authors, Alchemist, Lecturer, Inventor & Spiritual Healer Jacques Tombazian is a Lebanese born Canadian Author, Alchemist and Planetary Light and Peace worker. Born in June 27 1955 he is a Holistic Health and Alchemy practitioner. Jacques has been interested in metaphysics and has a vast understanding of our multi-layerered levelsof being, Body, Soul, Spirit and beyond. In 1994 he immigrated to Canada and founded the Canadian Centre for Esoteric Research and Teaching where he... 

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“…completely removed my pain…”

“..the wrinkles on my face are lightening..”

“Now I am healthy, making more money than ever, married..”

“… My prayer was answered.”

“…Within 24 hours the cyst was almost all gone.”

“…We are growing new accounts.. by nearly 1,000% per month..”

“I am sleeping full nights, 8 to 10 hours!”

“…I found myself to be cured from [herpes] completely…”

Holistic Healing Leads to Better Physical and Spiritual Health 

Holistic healing has become the most popular means of curing different health ailments and reaching a higher state of consciousness. At Alchemy111 we have more than two decades of experience practicing holistic healing in Canada and USA . We have successfully helped our clients cure illness and overcome problems with their finances, professional lives and relationships. Under the leadership of Jacques Tombazian we are on a mission to heal complex challenges of our era and awaken people towards a higher state of consciousness and diversity in life.

What is Holistic Healing?

Holistic healing is the treatment for imbalances within the body and helping people understand the importance of a balanced lifestyle. This healing technique goes far beyond curing health ailments. It helps people experience a better life where the body, mind and the soul are in perfect harmony. This treatment technique also helps you find yourselves closer to god with spiritual awakening.

Why People Need This?

In today’s fast and busy lives people have become prone to illness, stress and trouble with finance and relationships. This often results from the fact that we have lost the knowledge of a well-balance lifestyle. Anger, ego and selfishness often tend to act as guiding stars in our lives. We identify all the negative factors that deny our clients the real pleasure of life and help them wake up to a new and responsible life where they enjoy good health, personal finances and most importantly happiness.

Benefit of This Service

  • Holistic healing services offer fast relief from pain and a number of other health ailments
  • These treatment techniques channelize positive energy in the body and help overcome energy blockages
  • It leads to self-awakening and gaining secret knowledge of a well-balance lifestyle.
  • Holistic healing draws knowledge from accident healing techniques practices over thousands of years.
  • Natural herbs and essential oils are used in these procedures and these have no side effects