5 Vital Signs that Indicate a Spiritual Awakening


What is this spiritual awakening all about? Is it physics or is it a part of alchemy? Different people have different opinions regarding spiritual awakening. The truth is that spiritual awakening takes into account three different aspects – mind, body, and soul. It can be achieved only when your mind, body, and soul are unified and are focused towards self awareness.


Did you know spiritual awakening can help in healing a broken relationship? It sounds quite strange but then truth has always been stranger than fiction! The science behind this revolves around “energy”. Your body is made up of energy and contains energy fields. These energy fields are responsible for creating a balance in negative and positive energy. The moment the balance is broken, it will turn your life upside down.


You might find your mind enveloped in stress or your relationship will start to deteriorate because of the wrong decisions you make. You will be surrounded by emotional issues that can lead to something as serious as depression. So, it becomes important to work towards balancing the energy and this can take place only at a spiritual wellness center.


Becoming spiritually awakened


How can you become spiritually awakened? Are there any signs that indicate spiritual awakening? There are several signs that are clear indicators of awakening of your soul and here are 5 vital signs:


  • Energy Chakras and Subtle Bodies: One of the clear indications of spiritual awakening is when you will find your mind is completely relaxed and calm. You will experience a feeling of emptiness in your mind as if the mind really doesn’t exist. This takes place when your energy chakras unite with what is known as subtle bodies. Chakras are basically mechanisms of consciousness and life and this is where cosmic and divine energy, forces, and consciousness materializes into your cells, genes, and organs. It will have a positive impact on your central nervous system, and finally on your subtle bodies. When you reach such a stage, you will be automatically rendered with a power that will not only help in healing a broken relationship but also help you achieve higher spiritual growth.
  • Meaningful connection: Another key indicator of spiritual awakening is when you find a meaningful connection with the cosmos. There will come a time when you will start to understand the deeper relationship that exists between planetary movements and the inner world of your consciousness as well as motivation. This meaningful connection once established will help you to map your own destiny. One of the important things to remember is that this can take place through meditation or alchemic practices in a natural environment or closer to nature like at a spiritual wellness center.
  • Purified thoughts: When you become spiritually awakened, you will experience purified thoughts and energy field. This will assist in the development of your spiritual personality leading to the realization that you have the capability and intent to fulfil your desires and intentions. Whether that desire is of achieving success at work or healing a broken relationship, it will come your realm of possibilities.
  • Aligned objectives: One of the direct results of spiritual awakening is the realization of the ability to set goals and objectives. You will even be able to align your desires with your life purpose thus making it possible to make informed and wise decisions.
  • Enlightenment: This is probably the most important indicator of spiritual awakening. You can reach this stage with proper guidance from experienced professionals at a spiritual wellness center. When you reach this stage, you will become free from physical ailments, mental issues, and emotional problems.


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