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Jacques Tombazian Jacques Tombazian

Authors, Alchemist, Lecturer, Inventor & Spiritual Healer

Jacques Tombazian is a Lebanese born Canadian Author, Alchemist and Planetary Light and Peace worker. Born in June 27 1955 he is a Holistic Health and Alchemy practitioner. Jacques has been interested in metaphysics and has a vast understanding of our multi-layerered levelsof being, Body, Soul, Spirit and beyond. In 1994 he immigrated to Canada and founded the Canadian Centre for Esoteric Research and Teaching where he consecrated his time in research in Alchemy and energy medicine.


In 1999 through his Jacques Tombazian’s Institute for Energetic Medicine and Consciousness Studies, Jacques started teaching Energy Medicine, Alchemy and different healing modalities.


In 2001 Jacques founded the non-for profit Global Healing Foundation in New York, USA www.globalhealingfoundation.org consecrating some of his time as a Peace and Light worker. Since then he has led many peace meditations including The International Day to Prevent Child Abuse at Columbia University in New York, and led another peace meditation for the International Day for the Right of the Child at the United Nations Head quarter In New York.


In 2008 Jacques founded Alchemy111 in Montreal, Canada www.alchemy111.com an online holistic healing clinic that provides services and products for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


Jacques is the author of 5 workbooks and 4 books; Mystical Alchemy the Path to Enlightenment, The Path to the 5th Dimension. (In English) El Camino Hacia la 5a Dimension (In Spanish) and La Voie Vers la 5e Dimension. (In French)


Early life and education:

Born in Beirut Lebanon on June 27 1955 he studied at Saint Gregoire Jesuit School and then at Lycee Libanais until his studies was interrupted by the civil war. He had to flee the country to Amman, Jordan through Syria, and then flew to New York, then Detroit and Chicago. When the war continued he fled to Cyprus in the Middle East for few months and then made Dubai, the United Arab Emirates as his residence where he worked in sales and marketing for 5 years.


Early life profession:

In 1976 Jacques started working in sales and public relations then soon after was promoted as a sales manager. In 1980 Jacques was offered a position as a Saudi Arabian area Manager for a German Company dealing with electric power stations. After 3 years of success Jacques decided in 1983 to plunge into a new adventure and started a wholesale diamond business where he imported diamonds from Antwerp, Belgium and market them in the Middle East, Europe and the United Sates.

At the same time of his various professional explorations, Jacques was exploring his spiritual quest through meditation and prayers. It was in 1992 while visiting Armenia, the Soviet Union he was able to navigate the higher dimensions and communicate with his guides and Universal Archetypes. This is when he took his decision to immigrate to Canada with the intention to focus on his healing practice and spiritual work.


As a practitioner of alternative medicine:

Jacques has opened his clinic to the public in 1994 in Montreal Canada, where he performed since then over 80,000 hours of healing. He has succeeded in curing incurable diseases and regenerating physical organs that do not exist in the body such as; uterus and ovaries etc. Jacques is presently working with a medical research organization to document some of his breakthrough in healing.

Since 2008 Jacques has closed his physicalclinic and he is giving his healing services online reaching patients, clients and students from all over the world. Here are some of the books written by Jacques Tombazian :-

Few Articles from Jacques’ Books:

You can read more about these subjects, in Jacques’ books; The Path to 5th Dimension, and Mystical alchemy the Path to Enlightenment.

Email: jacques@alchemy111.com

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Alchemy111

Cell: (514)591-8884

Also visit: www.globalhealingfoundation.org



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Sheryl Blumenthal is an internationally known channel/healer/teacher. She is the author of “Heaven’s Doorway”, “Humanity’s Doorway” and “Love One Another”. Her gifts, through grace, provide support for each soul’s evolution. Love, energetic support and wisdom filled angelic messages assist individuals and groups towards higher ascension and greater awareness of the truth that they are.