Jacques is President and Co-founder of the Global Healing Foundation of New York’s non-profit organization. He lead peace meditations at Page University, at the Environment Protection Agency, Columbia University, the United Nations head quarters in New York and many other places.

He is also the President and Founder of Jacques Tombazian’s Institute for Energetic Medicine and Consciousness Studies.

Over the past 20 years, he has developed hundreds of techniques and remedies, facilitated thousands of life-challenging interventions through his healing practice and remarkable teachings.

Jacques is the author of the book Mystical Alchemy- the Path to Enlightenment, author of 35 audio meditations and author of a dozen of other workbooks.

Jacques is the President and Founder of Jacques Tombazian LTD (Corporate Energy Blueprinting). His unprecedented Corporate Energy Blueprinting process empowers entrepreneurs and corporate teams and leads them to hyper growth.

Alchemy111 products USA represents the next cycle in the evolution of highly successful energy medicine/Consciousness raising techniques of Jacques Tombazian. Jacques is an alchemist, author and developer of hundreds of health remedies.  Jacques has over 20 years of experience in high quality Energy Medicine and Alchemy dedicated to the healing and to the full awakening of human consciousness.