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Intent Sprays by Jacques Tombazian

There are unseen aspects to our existence that contribute to our expression in the external world.

Although biologists such as Isaac Asimov have established that our Physical Body is both a life support system and a tool for expression in the external world, other technologies now suggest that there are also unseen aspects to humanity that contribute to our expression in the external world.

Certain technologies, such as Kirlian photography, have shown that there are energies that surround and permeate the whole physical body. Unless a person has developed perceptions, one cannot see the energies through the naked eye. Just as our Physical Body is first a life support system for the central nervous system (essentially the brain and spinal cord), and second a tool for expression in the external world, the energetic layers seen in Kirlian Photography, or Subtle Bodies, are also considered a support system for our Physical Body and for our Consciousness.


How do these unseen aspects, or Subtle Bodies, affect our experience?

Subtle Bodies are the means for inspiration, knowledge, action, power, expression – and they are bridges that allow us to transcend our self perceived limitations and connect with Higher Divine unlimited powers. Quantum Physics teaches us that everything is vibrating energy in a state of potential. The Laws of Attraction teach us that our Subtle Bodies contain knowledge, powers and consciousness that allow us to manifest our intentions, desires and to create success in every aspect of life, either consciously or unconsciously.

Alchemy teaches us that Energy, Consciousness and Matter can be transmuted through the knowledge of how these interrelate and transform one another.

Chakras and Subtle Bodies work together for the purpose of manifesting that which we wish to express. Chakras are mechanisms of life and consciousness where Divine and Cosmic forces, energies, and consciousness materialize themselves into each individual, into our genes, cells, organs, including our central nervous system, and ultimately our subtle bodies. Chakras are informers and transmitters of information, knowledge, powers and consciousness from the Physical, to the Cosmic and Spiritual Planes and beyond. When we express an intention, we project our energy from our pineal chakra towards our highest developed chakras and Subtle Bodies, which then work energetically to manifest what we desire.


How does Intent by Jacques Tombazian help individuals express their desires and intentions?

Since his childhood, Jacques Tombazian has questioned why he was blessed with the capacity to manifest things in his life with great ease. He had no logical answer until in his Inner Quest he discovered a Divine Archetype in one of his subtle bodies. Her name is MIN the Red Rose. She is the daughter of Aphrodite and Thor, and is the Goddess of love and desire. She represents creative inspiration, and can be used to help us go from inspiration to manifestation, from idea to act, from intention to intent.

Intention is Yin, a passive wishful thinking, idea, or inspiration. Intent, however, is Yang, an active and Creative Inspiration. There are many individuals who have lots of good ideas, but the question is- why can they not manifest them? What will help them is to invoke MIN the Red Rose and work with her, that is, if she is not naturally present in their subtle bodies. MIN can help them manifest their inspirations.


How is Intent used?

By the knowledge of Quantum Physics, Alchemy and the Power of Attraction, the Intent formula is embedded in a liquid that consists of water and incense. The user simply meditates on the things he/she wishes to manifest, and sprays the formula around the body, or aura. The energetic formula will release any impurities in the energy field and purify the chakras and subtle bodies, thus making it an ideal environment for MIN and other Archetypes to assist in manifesting our desires and intentions. With the help of Kirlian photography technology, we can see clearly the changes on our aura before and after the use of the formula.


What are the ways Intent can help one manifest what he/she desires?

  • Feeling clearer
  • Stimulate 3rd eye
  • More clairvoyant – develop perceptions
  • Connects with Divine
  • More centered and aligned
  • Stimulate libido and have more sexual energy
  • Change the level of consciousness
  • Accelerating the energetic and spiritual development of chakras and subtle bodies
  • Help with meditation and inner journeys and initiations
  • Protection from psychic attack
  • Clear impurities from organs, chakras, and subtle bodies
  • Boosts energy
  • Healthier energy flow in the body, thus a healthier body
  • Manifest your Intentions