The Alchemy Mission

As we face the complex challenges of our era, Jacques Tombazian and Alchemy111 team recognize humanity’s readiness to awaken to a new paradigm—our evolutionary journey into a higher, global consciousness that is as personally fulfilling as it is inclusive and welcoming of diversity. Life, evolutionary consciousness, a vast universal pull to create a beautiful future– is on our side. As more of us become aware of this vast limitless field of support and of our interconnectedness — with the earth and all of life’s forms, we can create a great uplift in consciousness worldwide. That is why we are creating Alchemy111 Services and Products and providing to networks of individuals dedicated to both inner and outer transformation, seeding our world with light, wisdom, understanding and peace.

Our focus is on building the capacity of human beings to heal themselves and to radiate healing energy into the many dire situations that exist throughout our planet. We believe that when we clear ourselves of unhealthy energies and false beliefs and develop energetically and spiritually, we also clear and transform the planet. As we experience well-being and inner peace, our presence becomes a gift of healing to our fellow human beings, to all life forms and to the earth.
The intent behind launching the Alchemy111 venture is to effectively impact the life of hundreds of millions individuals in order to bring them into an accelerated healing cycle while facilitating a higher state of consciousness and enlightenment.