Alchemy and Astrology for your Business Success by Jacques Tombazian & Alchemy111 Team

The founder of the largest banking house in the world said J.P Morgan once said.

“Millionaires don’t use Astrology, Billionaires DO!”

To know more about the Importance of Astrology, please read other quotes by reputable individuals such as: Sir Isaac Newton, Pythagoras, Benjamin Franklin and Forbes Magazine. You can also read my article on Alchemy, Quantum Physics,The Laws of the Universe.

Our first session is known as “Introductory Basic Service” where you will have three sessions, each for 1 hour. Once the first three sessions are completed we will determine which level of service we will be going to follow for you. Below are the name of the services and after the list we have explained these services individually.

  • Level One Service
  • Level Two Service
  • Level Three Service

Basic Service


Three 1 hour healing session to work on the person which includes removing blockages defragmenting the energy fields and balancing the energy.

Level Three Includes of
Energy Work


For 6 months

This service includes 5 hours a week of energy work towards the following objectives.

Level One


For 3 months


For 6 months

This service includes 1 hour a week of energy work towards the following objectives.

Level Two


For 3 months


For 6 months

This service includes 2 hours a week of energy work towards the following objectives.

Corporate Energy Blueprinting will propel you along the path to your ultimate goal for this project, in a powerful way towards your financial freedom by reaching your FULL POTENTIAL. This work will make a significant difference for everyone involved in the project. I am offering the company guidance and energetic support in the following areas:

  • Refining your Partnership and your Vision so you can lead your team powerfully and productively and enhance their performance;
  • Constantly remove energetic and physical obstacles that prevents you from succeeding and reaching your full potential;
  • Building your team’s strength and effectiveness and magnify their productivity
  • Attracting the best clients;
  • Boosting your sales and marketing.
  • Grow your company’s income