Benefit From Relationship Counseling At Healing Retreat Centers


It is famously said that it takes a lot to make a happy relationship. But sadly it often takes very little to put one onto rocks. An alarming number of relationships are ending in divorce and separation these days. Even more dangerous is the situation when two individuals stay together without any love or mutual respect. The fact is on most occasions you can mend the problem areas on your relationship with some conscious efforts. It is here that healing retreat centers help in bringing you close to your loved one. These have become very popular off late and helped heal many relationships.


We at Alchemy111 offer relationship counseling to our clients and have achieved great success over the years. Led by renowned healer Jacques Tombazian we have our own Spiritual Wellness Retreat Center in Castlegar, Canada where we host couples and offer them the space to sort out all their differences. Our counseling involves the following strategies -


  • Listening patiently to both the individuals and identifying the reasons behind the collapse of relationship. This allows us to address these issues upfront. Even a small incident of the past can become the bone of contention and we sort out these mutual differences.
  • When relationship goes through troubled times most couples stop communicating. At the retreat center we have created an environment for the couples to talk and listen to each other in solitude.
  • Couples are taught new relationship skills. This includes self-assessment of actions, overcoming negative emotions such as ego and anger.
  • The healing program helps couples reach a higher state of self-consciousness and spirituality which helps in creating the perfect union between the body, mind and the soul.


A broken relationship takes away a part of you and thus you should make sincere efforts to prevent parting ways. At Alchemy111 we would stand by you in each of your steps.


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