External and internal Unhealthy Influences


There are many external and internal unhealthy influences within us that prevent us from realizing our True Self, reaching our Full Potential and succeeding in our life. Here are some of these unhealthy influences:

  • Dimensional implants: these are unhealthy connections with the dark dimensions, and we are all born with these implants. They are the voices we sometimes hear telling us that we are not worthy, or trying to create fears and guilt and finally misguiding us. The four common one’s that we all have are in our brain, in our brain stem (on the neck), between our shoulder blades and the sacrum, but we might also have in other places in our body too.
  • Collective implants: these are unhealthy connections with different aggregates which represent cultural, political or any other group energy that doesn’t serve our highest good. The reason why we need to release them is because we need to be connected to our Higher Self and Mother Earth Gaia for an optimum spiritual development. (The colours of these unhealthy implants are dull and matt black or any other color that is matt and dull).
  • Human implants: these are unhealthy energies between individuals that serves to withdraw energies (vampires). They can exist between family members, friends, lovers and co-workers. (The colours of these unhealthy implants are dull and matt black or any other color that is matt and dull).
  • Negative portals: an energetic portal is an opening from one dimension (Lower Astral planes). These portals allow entities from the lower planes to infiltrate in our body too. We could be born with one or many portals in our body, but also these portals could be opened when we consume illegal drugs. All drugs open negative portals in our body except pot and hash which close our chakras (energy centers). Even what we call spiritual drugs such as: Ayawaska, peyote and mushrooms have the tendency to open positive and negative portals too. Some of the legal drugs can also open negative portals too; some of the anti-psychotic and some anti-depressants too. I am not suggesting here to stop any of these legal drugs without checking with your health practitioner. Any change in drug consumption has to be administered by a physician.
  • After each emotional suffering humans build Carapace Armors around them for purpose of protection and to cover their emotional scares and pains. With time, these carapace armors create lots of emotional problems and the life of a person gets paralyzed. For example if a girl was molested at age of ten she would build a carapace armor around her sexual region to protect herself, but when she faces another emotional problem or abuse and she gets hurt at age of 16, another carapace armor will be added to the one around the sexual region.
  • Psychic Attacks, Black Magic and Voodoos occur when dark and negative energetic vibrations are sent from one individual to another individual or place creating disturbances in the energetic and physical bodies of the person or place with the purpose of manipulation. The manipulation could be towards different purpose such as; sex, money, love, politics or simply to punish and to create harmful effects within the person receiving them.
  • The Evil Eye is the name for a sickness transmitted usually without intention through gazing, by someone who is envious or jealous. When the gaze has remained too long upon objects, persons, or animals, the effect of the evil eye is to create misfortune on the object, person or animal, but the person who harbors jealousy and gives the evil eye is not necessarily consciously or an evil person.
  • Unhealthy Negative Masks: these are the unhealthy masks that you project unconsciously on others. For example, if you have weak self-confidence or guilt or victim consciousness or fear or any illusions that you might have such as negative self-image, people will sense these masks and will run away from you or treat you negatively. These masks need to be eliminated so the True Essence emerges.
  • Blockages in our three machines that produce energy CHI: if these machines are destroyed or not functioning properly, you will not have enough energy to accomplish much in your life. So we need to repair these machines in order to allow the flow into our life.
  • Unhealthy conditioned reflexes are based on our unhealthy beliefs and value system. When we change them we change our conditioning.
  • Fragmented Energy field: when we have as overflow of ideas and projects that may or may not be needed, our energy becomes fragmented and we cannot achieve much. It is like a computer when many files are open and not closed properly. The computer slows down and we need to defragment it. We also need to defragment and get rid of ideas and projects that no longer serve us.

Energy Centers/Chakras: when our energy centers/chakras are flowing in a healthy way (clockwise) everything flows effortlessly in our life. When they are blocked the flow stops. When these energy centers/chakras are turning counter clockwise, this is when the life of the person is blocked completely.