Fundamental Principles of Jacques Tombazian’s Holistic Healing

You may wonder at times that you require a treatment which will cure your body in its entirety- body, soul and mind. Holistic healing is a mode of treatment which includes healing the human body as a whole, thereby providing a relief to your body’s affected parts and finally offering a relief to the mind. [...]

Project 999

Opening Note The search for a higher purpose has become a serious quest these days. More and more people are on their own personal journey to discover what makes them tick and to figure out why they are here, what their life purpose is and more importantly, how can they achieve all that they want to achieve while feeling [...]

Subtle Bodies

The subtle bodies are also considered as some sort of a support system for our physical body and for our consciousness. They are the means for inspiration, knowledge, action, power and expression. They are the bridges that allow us to transcend our self and become Divine. This is done through the Alchemical process and the [...]