Common Reasons Why People Schedule Personal Healing Service at Alchemy111

  For all those who are in search of a safe environment for releasing stress, getting energized and experiencing a harmony of their body, mind and spirit, then Alchemy111 wellness sanctuary in Canada is the right place to visit. The private sessions, classes and workshops here are designed for individuals of every age group, gender, [...]

A Close Study at the Beneficial Aspects of Holistic Healing Offered At Alchemy111

  As a wellness facility dedicated to renewal and healing, Alchemy111 offers an inspiring and lush setting for nourishing the mind, body and soul. The mission of the brain child of this healing centre and the top holistic health practitioner in Canada, Jacques Tombazian gives his 100% to help his patients decrease sickness, increase self [...]

Get Into Perfect Shape with Alchemy111′s Weight Loss Remedies

  What would you do to get that perfect body shape? Most of you would say anything. The desire for a great body is perhaps as old as mankind itself. In the modern world when most of us have so much of exposure to the outside world a well-shaped body presents a pleasing personality to [...]

5 Vital Signs that Indicate a Spiritual Awakening

  What is this spiritual awakening all about? Is it physics or is it a part of alchemy? Different people have different opinions regarding spiritual awakening. The truth is that spiritual awakening takes into account three different aspects – mind, body, and soul. It can be achieved only when your mind, body, and soul are [...]

5 Benefits of Meditation for Beginners

  One of the most powerful ways of healing relationships is through meditation. Meditation is considered as one of the oldest paths that can help in not only addressing stress and other psychological issues but can help you find your path towards spiritual awareness and awakening.   One of the biggest advantages of meditation is [...]

Embracing Spiritual Development for Self Growth

  Spiritual development is the buzzword in today’s world! You may be wondering why is that so? This is because of the one great reward that it offers – “peace of mind!”   In this world, you are surrounded by stress 24×7 and it could be coming from your family relationship, marriage, work pressure, career [...]

How to Clear Your Mind to Reduce Stress

  Stress kills! Whether it is a relationship, work, or finances, stress can take you from good to bad and then worse. Stress is being hailed as the number one cause of emotional issues and health problems. The question is: can you avoid stress?   In most circumstances, stress is almost unavoidable. When stress slowly [...]

Alaska’s Whole Life Cruise

  Jacques Tombazian Author, Founder of Alchemy111 will be participating in Alaska’s Whole Life Cruise celebrating the 14th Edition of Alaska’s Premier Holistic Spiritual Festival. The eight day cruise will set sail from Seattle, Washington on June 26th, 2015 and return back on July 3rd, 2015. It aims to bring together people who are looking for love, spiritual [...]

Marriage on Rocks? Go For Relationship Counselling

Marriage is a very sacred institution that has been upheld by mankind centuries. When a man and a woman unite in the holy matrimony for life, they promise each other support, trust, love and compatibility. While love is one of the main reasons why couples come together, trust is the thing that keeps them together [...]

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