Common Reasons Why People Schedule Personal Healing Service at Alchemy111


For all those who are in search of a safe environment for releasing stress, getting energized and experiencing a harmony of their body, mind and spirit, then Alchemy111 wellness sanctuary in Canada is the right place to visit. The private sessions, classes and workshops here are designed for individuals of every age group, gender, interests and backgrounds for attaining mental clarity, relaxation, weight loss, balance, flexibility and healing from different symptoms such as depression and anxiety, shoulder/neck/back stiffness, pain relief and insomnia. The mission of the brain child of this healing facility is to assist people unite their body, mind and spirit to aid them live happier, healthier and a peaceful life. He offers personalized healing service which combines healing sessions and classes that allow one to experience a wonderful healing touch thereby helping them to jump start their healing journey.


Why people schedule personal healing sessions at Alchemy111?

  • Need for grounding
  • Feeling lost, fear
  • Cleansing, energy blockages
  • Disappointment, sadness, anger
  • Resurfacing childhood trauma
  • Deep energy cleansing
  • Relaxation (repetitive thoughts or too many thoughts)
  • Desire for a profound spiritual connection
  • Lack of direction
  • Post a traumatic experience
  • As a surgery/injury companion
  • After stroke
  • Addiction
  • Pain
  • Obesity
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Chronic illness
  • Financial problems
  • Personal relationship at stake
  • Others

Alchemy111 is an all-inclusive wellness facility that was created by Jacques Tombazian for bringing a body, mind, spirit approach via a professional means. Every practitioner here is certified and trained professionally in their area of expertise. They offer the best range of healing products and strongly believe that natural health care must be accessible to everyone and they strive in making this happen. Their mission is in acting as a bridge amid the patient and his/her true health potential, irrespective of their present state of affairs. The results which every patient here will experience will not only be limited to lasting physical change. It will also comprise of healthier life choices, transformed relationships and above all a happier outlook.

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