Distance Healing Sessions for your Health

Gain Good Health With Distance Healing Sessions offered by Certified Holistic Health Practitioners based in Canada and USA

The certified holistic health practitioners based in Canada and USA can help cure a number of health ailments by channelizing positive energy within the body. Distance and disability often keeps you away from undergoing these healing sessions, if these hurdles are keeping you away from these sessions, then; here is some good news! You can now attend distant healing sessions sitting in the comfort of your home, irrespective of where you are. Distance healing sessions for health have become popular in the recent years with the holistic health coaches conducting Phone and Skype sessions.

Benefits of This Service

  • Pain in joints and other body parts often restricts your movement and these healing sessions conducted by the certified holistic health practitioners in Canada and USA provides you  relief from chronic pain by clearing energy blockage that leads to this pain.
  • It allows you to eliminate travel time, cost and allows you to choose the kind of healing session, you need.
  • With distance healing services, you can have access to immediate treatments. You can request for distant healing sessions from Jacques Tombazian, who is a holistic health practitioner, as and when you need.
Distant Healing
Product Options
#OptionPriceDownloadFile Size
115 Minutes Emergency healing sessions by Jacques$80.00
230 Minutes Healing Session with Jacques Tombazian$120.00
345 Minutes Healing Session with Jacques Tombazian$180.00
420 Minutes Healing Session with Jacques' Team$40.00
540 Minutes Healing Session with Jacques' Team$80.00
660 Minutes Healing Session with Jacques' Team$120.00
Shipping Rate: E
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  1. Linda newton says:

    Will speak with you by telephone on fri. the 20th at 8 am. thank you. Linda

  2. Linda newton says:

    Jacques, what is the 20 dollar shipping fee for? thank you. Linda

  3. Carol Asiaghi says:

    Hi Jacques, I am hoping you can help my brother. He lives in Dallas. he is 52 and has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He is progressing rather fast. But the biggest problem, is he is miserable in his home. His wife is mean and controlling and oppressive, so he has become suicudal and extremely depressed. He calls my sister and I asks us to get him out of there. he tried to run away last weekend, to come to Syracuse, NY.
    Please call me and let me know what you think. I did a session with Sheryl and she thought you could help and thinks he has be out of his home to really improve.
    Let me know if you feel you can help.
    Thank you so much!!
    love you!

  4. Kim Phillips says:

    Good morning Jacques, my name is Kimberly Phillips from Pittsburgh Pa and have had 2 sessions with you and would like to use my third session next week if you are available. Jacques, I am a single mom and need a financial break through! I have so much potential and everyone around me thinks I should be so successful and used to be but for the past few years I have lost my edge and my confidence… I definetly need your help. Please contact me and let me know when you are available? The only day I’m not available is Monday July 30th.

    Thank you,

  5. charles beaumont says:

    Hi we met at CEOSPACE 1208 – you may remember me – my daughter is Joy the blonde folk singer that was in the teenfeast.

    Would love to catch-up with you a lot of changes have occurred and I really need to connect with you

    Charles Beaumont
    250 870 2727

  6. Brenda Varrasso says:

    Hi Jacques,

    I am friends with Carol Gerhoffer-Assiaghi who said you may be of help.

    I am presently very sick with I think Adrenal Fatigue, feeling shaky, extremely tired and anxious. I also know I have a parasite which I have tried to resolve with one type of herbal remedy but I seem to still have it. I am seeing a Nurse Practitioner/Nutritionist for help.

    Carol also thinks I have an entity attached to my throat and i have been wondering if there are family attachments clinging to me.

    Also, this past July I think I may have picked an entity up when I was in a class for the type of bodywork that I study. I was in a 3 day class and on the morning of the second class I seemed to have a panic attack where it was hard for me to breath and my heart rate shot up. I am not sure if this is has to do with what may be around my throat.

    If you think you could be of help, please contact me.

    Thank you for your time.
    Brenda Varrasso

  7. Denise Drake says:

    Mahalo, Jacque!

    I really appreciate your gift! Thank you for sharing it with me. Much love to you!

  8. Betty DuChantier says:

    Bonjour Jacques
    This is the payment I promised to make upon my return from my trip to India
    from session ON Monday February 4, 2013 AT 10 am.
    Thankyou Betty

  9. Judi Boeltz says:

    I spoke with you last Saturday, before you were leaving for New York, and we set an appointment for Saturday, March 2, 2013 at 10am….just would like to confirm please.

    Thank you and lookng forward to session,


  10. Alex Mervis says:

    I look forward to your call today at 4:00pm to get started



  11. Bettina Jones says:

    Appointment for today, July 14th at 10:00 AM – $180.00

  12. laura aldi says:

    Dear Jacques,
    Looking forward to more healing! The free session was amazing!
    Thank you!!
    Peace and Love,

  13. Bettina says:

    Dear Jacques,
    I wanted to sincerely and gratefully thank you for the guidance and wisdom that you gift this world with.

    Love, Light and Peace,

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