E-Book: The Path To The 5th Dimension, A Spiritual Book By Jacques Tombazian

During this Age of Aquarius, Enlightenment is not a privilege anymore to a handful of initiated masters. Enlightenment has become accessible to every individual and it is a necessity to our individual and collective sanity.

Enlightenment means Awakening fully to the presence of God the Light with all its essence in the totality of our being: Body, Soul and Spirit.


The Path to the 5th Dimension supports the reader in developing his Self, the totality of his Being, Body, Soul, Spirit and Beyond, to allow the existence in the 5th Dimension, where the timeless and eternal meet to offer new understandings, healing and knowledge of increased consciousness.

Jacques guides us to explore 22 inner journeys on:

  • Building the New Energetic Structure of the Age of Aquarius of 999 Chakras and Subtle Bodies
  • Realizing the 3 Strands DNA
  • Healing and harmonizing Relationships
  • Healing Men and Women’s Reproductive Organs
  • Releasing the Evil Eye
  • Peeling off the False Ego
  • Repairing and Activating the 3 Machines that Produce Chi
  • Raising the Kundalini and Claiming the Fires of Heaven
  • Developing One’s Psychic Perceptions
E-Book : The Path to the 5th Dimension
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    congratulations on the new release… see you out there…

  2. Adriano says:

    Awesome book! I saw your Facebook post about this and really enjoyed the experience..
    Thanks Adriano.

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