“…Within 24 hours the cyst was almost all gone.”


“It worked like a miracle.  Within 24 hours the cyst was almost all gone.”

I am truly thankful for Elixir 777 and Intent III spray. I initially bought it for a rash that I had for over 3 months, and in fact, after using the spray for about a week, it had healed. However, one morning, we found what seemed to be a soft tissue cyst on our dog, Honey. At first, I thought something might have bitten her, however the lump was very soft and felt like it was filled with fluid. It was about one inch in diameter. The second day, I remembered I had the Elixer spray. I thought why not try it.

It’s not going to hurt anything. I sprayed it on the cyst a couple times that day and I also combined it with the intention spray. I set my intention that the lump would be gone. It worked like a miracle. Within 24 hours the cyst was almost all gone. It took a few more days and the cyst was completely gone and has not returned.

Thank you so much for recommending these special sprays.

Thank you, and God Bless.


Pittsburgh, PA

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