Energetic IQ Evaluation

  • The strength of your True Essence which is the true identity/personality and the percentage that you project to others.
  • How many Unhealthy Unconscious Personalities you have; these are the unhealthy masks that you project unconsciously on others, for example, if you have weak self-confidence or guilt or victim consciousness or fear or any illusions that you might have such as; negative self-image, people will sense these masks and will run away from you or threat you negatively. (These masks need to be eliminated so our  True Essence emerges)
  • The strength of your Communication. Your ability to express yourself and your ideas clearly.
  • The strength of your Self-Confidence; is your ability to step into your power and your ability to deal with challenges and resolve conflicts.
  • The strength of your Instinctive Intelligence; your ability to connect with Higher Wisdom and Intelligence through your intuition or any other extra sensorial perceptions in order to make wiser choices in life.
  • The strength of your Self-Acceptance; your ability to be content with what you have at all time. (As a wise man said once; CONTENT is a treasure that never fades away)
  • The strength of your Feminine Energy; accepting your feminine energy is your ability to transcend self-sabotaging and self-destruction and create your life.
  • The strength of your Masculine Energy; is your capacity to go from wishful thinking to creative thinking, from intention to intent and from idea to action
  • The strength of our Energy Level; we have three machines in our body that produce energy CHI, If these machines are destroyed or not functioning properly, you will not have enough energy to accomplish much in your life. So these machines need to be repaired in order to allow the flow into our life (How many of these three machines are functioning in you?)