Fundamental Principles of Jacques Tombazian’s Holistic Healing

You may wonder at times that you require a treatment which will cure your body in its entirety- body, soul and mind. Holistic healing is a mode of treatment which includes healing the human body as a whole, thereby providing a relief to your body’s affected parts and finally offering a relief to the mind. In fact, any disorder for that matter can result from mental strain while the recovery of the patient rests on the stress amount that they experience in the course of their illness. It is a proven fact that the better you possess the will power chances are the faster you can recover. But the question is what if you do not fall under this category? Worry not. In this case, Jacques Tombazian, the highly reckoned holistic healing practitioner is the perfect stop for you.


Principles of holistic approach


The principles of Jacques Tombazian’s holistic approach include,

  • Individuality- each one of us is different, thus care and treatment must be dependent on your individual needs
  • Whole person- he views one as a complete merge of mind, body and spirit
  • Treatment and prevention- care is concentrated to make your body stronger as well as immune to infections, disease and stress. The key objective is complete health
  • Innate healing power- each one of us possesses an intrinsic power for healing ourselves
  • Optimal health- the key aim of Jacques Tombazian’s holistic approach is in attaining all-inclusive physical, social, mental and emotional well-being. Almost every condition will be treated with the help of this approach
  • Relationship centric care- the practitioner and the patient hold a special bond and thus both parties require being capable of expressing their opinions comfortably

Rather than focussing on a sole body part, this holistic health practitioner concentrates on the human body as a whole including the bond amid the body and mind. When you visit him, he will try in finding the key of what has resulted in the issue rather than prescribing medicines. These can comprise of fitness level, emotional issues, personal problems, stress, dietary habits and investigation of lifestyle and so on. His approach is more of health maintenance.

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