Healing Relationship Service by Jacques Tombazian and ALCHEMY111 Team

Who we Are?


Team ALCHEMY111 along with Jacques Tombazian are well trained professionals who offer relationship counselling, healing energy services and advanced alchemy healing energy. Many individuals find it helpful with their mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health using the extensive knowledge of alchemy and quantum Physics.


How it is Done?


Alchemy healing services offers healing relationships, energetic coaching and support using distant healing (phone or skype sessions), hands on healing sessions, long distance or absent healing wherein, one does not have to be on skype or phone. Jacques Tombazian along with his team is involved in offering energetic work for every day in order to aid your work conditions.


What are the Results?

  • Uplifting emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health.
  • Harmonizing and improving your relationships.
  • Helps in Healing a broken relationship
  • Healing issues related to sex.
  • Improvement in finances.
  • Spiritually supported to be an Enlightened, Awakened and Self-Realized being.




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