Holistic Health Practitioner in Canada Guiding One Seamlessly Through Their Self-Healing Journey

Wellness is the perfect state of harmony and balance within us. As we become more aware regarding the interconnectedness when it comes to our mind, body and spirit within our own being, certainly the succeeding natural progression is in becoming more aware about how every human being and every form of life is entwined. Jacques Tombazian, a renowned holistic health practitioner in Canada truly understands the fact that one’s body, mind as well as spirit are connected via complex ways. Being grounded in diverse theoretical perspectives, he supports his patients towards wellness and optimum health via carefully examining their mental, physical, emotional, bio-energetic, socio-cultural and spiritual dimensions.


Guiding one seamlessly through their self-healing journey


Holistic healing in Canada has become immensely popular and the credit for this goes to Jacques Tombazian, the brain child of Alchemy111. At this Wellness Centre, he along with his team believes in offering your body all natural remedies and products to guide you all through your journey of self-healing. Today a major part of our health issues arise from anxiety and stress that largely upsets the proper functioning of our body system and the best means of regaining a healthy balance is by opting for a holistic approach. In a relaxing and quiet milieu, Jacques Tombazian initiates his healing sessions with a one-on-one conversation amid him and his recipient. He will ask his patient a series of questions related to his/her physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health and with this information he will precede him to the treatment.


Every solution under a single roof


He offers a wide array of healing solutions to treat different disorders which include,


  • Weight issues
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Financial problem
  • Broken marriage
  • Workplace and personal tension
  • Sexual problems
  • Joint pains
  • Headache
  • Others


Jacques Tombazian provides comprehensive assessments in his wellness center in Canada to aid you understand the imbalance which underlies your health state. Working hand in hand with you, he will develop a self care plan which will wonderfully support your inner healing with essential oils, healing products and counselling sessions. His passion is to aid every recipient to discover as well as engage their respective path towards better health and supports their wellness and overall health via addressing the emotional, spiritual and emotional needs thereby encouraging a healthy lifestyle option. The spiritual and emotional counselling and healing sessions offered at Alchemy111 is not judgmental but loving and accepting. The holistic care offered by him will prove beneficial to those who wish to decrease emotional and physical pain and will also prove equally beneficial to people who wish to increase the energy flow as well as happiness in their lives via a unique approach, merging varied natural healing techniques.

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