Our Earth is a living being. We often personify her as Mother, and call her Gaia, not only as a metaphor, but truly because She is our essential resource, our nurturer, the incubator and sustainer of life, our life, in her womb. And like us, she needs to breathe clean air, have good circulation in her waters, and an intact body. But like the Monarch butterflies whose habitat and source of food are diminishing, and like the bees who are collapsing and disappearing under the poisoning effect of pesticides, Mother Earth is struggling. Ever since bombs have been exploding deep into her soil and waters and ever since mines have been dug into her bodily depths, she has been having difficulty recovering her original strength and power. Like us, when dis-ease ravages our cells, she needs help to regenerate herself.


She has been calling out for help through earthquakes, more prevalent now due to fracking, through floods and violent storms, due to a host of interdependently originating climactic conditions. Who hears her?


In particular, alchemist/healer, founder of the non-profit Global Healing Foundation ( and and author of Mystical Alchemy: The Path to Enlightenment, and The Path of the 5th Dimension Jacques Tombazian, through deep meditations, has been listening. Through listening within, he has accessed a rich treasury of unconditionally loving guides and guidance leading him to a plan for planetary healing.


Over the years, he has recognized that our Earth as well as ourselves have energy centers (chakras), subtle bodies, and consciousness, but now he has realized that he can jumpstart healing for the planet by healing Earth’s chakras, subtle bodies, and consciousness. In meditations, he has received images of healing devices which he is now creating in physical form which he and his alchemist colleague and planetary healer, Jean-Baptiste Belanger, plan to install in significant parts of the planet.


This project was initiated by Jacques on February 11, 2015, when he engaged in healing work to release dark, unhealthy energies he located in Mother Earth’s solar plexus chakra located in the Island of the Sun between Bolivia and Peru. Once the healing device is made, Jean-Baptiste will install the device in mid-May 2015 when he goes to this area to visit with his sister for seventeen days.


They envision that the work on that particular chakra will have a positive domino effect on many places, including the reservoir of chi connected to the solar plexus chakra located at Monument Valley southeast of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Jacques will do this healing work there on October 4, 2015.


Before installing any devices in the solar plexus chakra, Jacques plans to build and together with Jean-Baptiste, install a special device for the five different chakras located on the head of Mother Earth, which is in La Conception, north of Quebec where Jean-Baptiste owns five acres of land. This will take place on May 3rd and will include opening some portals to connect the chakras with some new archetypes arising from the Age of Aquarius.


In this region, the healing of the chakras will be extremely important because it will have a positive effect on the entire region from Quebec and parts of Ontario to the New England states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, as well as New York.


A mother device with twelve spirals that connect to twelve plus one healing archetypes will be built in British Columbia, Canada, with the intention that it will raise the consciousness of the planet and manifest new teachings of this Aquarian Age. This device will be replicated in order to install it at the core of Gaia once all the new archetypes are consecrated for at the level of Gaia’s unity. Once this is done, in that same core, a library containing new and advanced knowledge of this Age will be installed.


Since all humans are connected through our feet to Mother Earth, we will be able to be connected with the library, the device, and the archetypes, and thus with the new knowledge which will help us raise our vibration and help us exist on a level of the fifth dimension of consciousness and beyond.


When they install devices in the throat chakras located on the Mongolian desert, the effect will be a positive healing on North Korea and the whole region. Scotland is where they will install devices in the heart chakra. The lowest two chakras, the chakras in the sexual region and at the base are located at the pyramids of Egypt as well as in Aswan area of Egypt. Once these chakras are regenerated, it will heal the whole region of the Middle East passing through Israel and the Arab world, having a domino effect on Greece, Turkey, and even the Ukraine.


Future work is planned for the south of France and the Philippines and a dozen more places.


We welcome like-minded friends to support this project with your intentions, prayers, and financial offerings. The sooner this project can come to fruition, the more healthy our Mother Earth and therefore the more healthy and peaceful all of our lives for now and for future generations.


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