Marriage on Rocks? Go For Relationship Counselling

Marriage is a very sacred institution that has been upheld by mankind centuries. When a man and a woman unite in the holy matrimony for life, they promise each other support, trust, love and compatibility. While love is one of the main reasons why couples come together, trust is the thing that keeps them together till they die. But is it very easy to get in that perfect marriage anymore? As much as we would like to believe otherwise, sadly reality points at a very grim picture today. Marriages are breaking like fragile glasses, couples are losing trust on each other very often and divorce and separation have become the norm of the times. And this isn’t something we should be proud of. If for centuries man and woman could have lived together, there are no reasons why they can’t stay together and battle all differences. But at times, it is essential that couples undertake relationship counselling so that they get a new perspective on themselves and see where the fault lies.


In relationship counselling, the couples are made to value each other’s company and show that little differences cannot break a marriage. Relationship counsellors teach couples several things such as respecting each other, giving space to each other and most importantly to trust each other.


Every individual in this world is different from one another. From having wild temperament to being very reserved, each person is different. In a relationship one of the main problems arises when we stop respecting the individuality of our spouse and start taking him/her for granted. Moreover, if the couple turn out to be as different as chalk and cheese, serious problems can arise. But a marriage or a relationship counsellor will always reiterate the fact that when a relationship has mutual understanding, differing individuals can live a happy and long life together.


Trust is an important factor that actually binds two people for a lifetime. Many times, love too takes a backseat and trust drives a relationship to maturity and togetherness. When couples feel their trust in each other is breaking or dwindling, they should sit and talk it out. If they feel that talking isn’t helping, they should visit a counsellor. A counsellor will use various tactics to build that trust back and get the marriage back to track.


Counsellors always reiterate that a marriage is as complex as you make it. Keep the rules simple and straight, your marriage will be happy and fruitful. While there are no magic mantras that can sort problems in relationships, relationship counsellors definitely do help in mitigating the problems. Among the several healing centres in Canada, Alchemy111 has over the years gained popularity for being the one-stop-solution for many relationship problems. The online holistic healing centre has for many years provided quality healing services for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Alchemy111 has been successful most of the times in understanding the problems of distraught couples and helping them keep their marriage rock-steady.

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