What is an Archetype?

By Jacques Tombazian©

In the beginning of my spiritual journey, when I began to have metaphysical experiences, I was exposed to many Archetypes who awakened me and taught me how to heal. They introduced themselves as Universal Mediums.

These Mediums had different specialties and they manifested themselves every time I needed to do healing, awaken a power, or improve a talent.

At first I didn’t have names for the thousands, maybe tens of thousands of Mediums.  Every time I needed to do specific work, a Medium would appear and he or she would help me with that which I needed to manifest and achieve.

One of the interesting experiences I had with Archetypes was with lord Krishna. A student of mine once showed me a picture where the lord Krishna with all of his healing and magical tools in that picture. I was completely shocked when I saw that picture, because every time I was doing healing, this God would appear with all of his tools and help me doing the healing and he even offered his tools to me to use at any time I wanted. The reason why I was shocked was because I have never been exposed to the East Indian cultures or religions and knew nothing about their Gods and yet I was seeing their Gods in my meditations and healings.

It isn’t until 1997 when I took a workshop in shamanism with Marc Beriault, a very well known shaman and astrologer from Montreal, who spent most of his life researching such topics, that I found answers to many questions in relation to my metaphysical experiences and my work with the Archetypes.  It was then that I discovered their names, their shapes, and their specialties.

During my quest I’ve had regular experiences with many Archetypes and I’ve realized that some of them where my personal guides since many life times and I’ve been told that I belong to a family of Healers and Alchemist in the Universe and I’ve been involved in Healing and Alchemy for many life times. It was then I understood how I was able to start my successful healing practice without studying healing or any other kind of training.

According to Marc an Archetype is a root model of behavior, an embodiment of living values, and an inner guide for our personal and collective development and evolution. They can be defined as active models for Love, Justice, Creation, and Liberty.  They act upon us, whether through the conscious collective, the unconscious collective or directly through our own personal unconscious.  They are usually expressed in the form of myths, such as gods from ancient Greece, Rome, Scandinavia, Egypt and China.  Myths offer symbolic stories with important Archetypes with guidance that is still applicable in our age and society.

An Archetype can be thought of as a blueprint for everything that we experience and strive for, but don’t completely know or understand.  Think of the Archetype for Love or Liberty as the blueprint of everything that Love and Liberty can be from the lowest destructive state to the highest constructive state.  For example, the Archetype for Love carries from the lower end the energy of hate, from the middle part the energy of human Love, and from the higher end the energy of Unconditional Universal Love.

The capacity for a human, or for the collective consciousness, to connect with the higher parts of an Archetype depends on their evolution, their capacity, and their readiness to activate those parts.  The Archetype cannot activate its higher parts on its own.

For example, the human Archetype contains the history and the future of all humanity’s possible scenarios and potentials, from the lowest and worst to the highest and the most extraordinary consciousness, with all the know-how to transcend any of these scenarios from one state to the other.

This model is much greater than what we know or experience in our everyday lives.  The Archetypes are role models that call us and push us to live and experience all that they represent.  They seem to act upon us, in our societies and in ourselves, according to universal laws that govern their periods of visible activity and rest.

Think of the Archetypes as the forces that act upon and within human beings.  They are the forces behind the evolution of cultures, civilizations and individuals.

Individuals can call upon the Archetypes for help, to accelerate and amplify their evolution, to learn things quickly and more completely, or to create.

A brief but practical who’s who of Gods and Goddesses.

Rank: “0” is the highest in the hierarchy; the higher the rank the more difficult it is to use in practical matters. This comes from the basic rule of magic: one can fully call upon energies two levels higher than one’s true development. If one calls two levels higher, only partial contact can be achieved.

HORUS: Its rank is 1 and its symbol is a white, violet or black falcon. White is used for the planetary force. Violet is used for individuals.  He is the creator of cultures and civilizations. It’s the god that governs the world’s works under God the Absolute.  He represents also the power of transmuting the physical into Divine and manifesting the Divine into the physical.  Used for integrating higher Self to self; to develop psychic and healing talents; to contact gods and to pass from other realms to here.

VENUS/APHRODITE: Its rank is 2 and its symbol is a sexy red head woman emerging from the ocean. Its basic meanings are creative and spiritual inspiration; passage to other realms including death; feminine magic; arts and crafts; sexuality. Used for magical powers; artistic inspiration; sexual energies and tantrism; reaching from here to the “other side”.

UR: Its rank is 1 and its symbol is a pair of thunderbolts. Its basic meaning is Primordial Yang energy; creation; consciousness; the Master of Chakras and Orgasm; to pass through other realm to here. Used for sex; consciousness; clairvoyance; male magic; internal freedom; anything relating to Chakras and Chi (prana).

GRAIL: Its rank is 2 and its symbol is a Golden Cup. Its basic meaning is the essence of life; the vessel that carries higher energies into here and now; immortality; the essence that never dies. Used to connect to one’s self; to experience the divine here and now; to heal the body through harmony; to find one’s Spirit; personal power.

TREE YNNGDRASIL: Its rank is 2 and its symbol is a tree bearing fruit or a Cosmic Tree. Its basic meaning is the energy connecting together all Planes of existence. Used for vertical integration; for shamanism; for experiencing living in 3 Planes simultaneously; for projecting consciousness in Space/Time.

EAGLE THUNDERBIRD RA: Its rank is 2 and their symbols are a Yang blue Eagle, a Yin Gold Eagle and a Black Eagle. Its basic meanings are personal Power; the vehicle of divine power manifesting here and now; direct power over matters and elements; divine authority manifesting in individual human. Used for the search for manifesting Power here and now in all realms of life; finding courage and daring; power of Healing Hands; becoming a warlock.

PHOENIX BENBEN BIRD: Its rank is 1 and its symbol is a Black bird of Prey flying off from a funeral Pyre. Its basic meanings are Resuscitation; renewal; higher god of eagle family; the axis around which turn the world or the planets; the power of the Gods manifesting through life and in the creation of matter itself. Used for personal renewal or need for regeneration whether for physical or psychological, life in general or health; could be used in any kind of emergencies, even in hospitals or clinics; could be used in case of coma; used for mystical conscious death.

THE PRINCE: Its rank is 0 and its basic symbol is a simple princely Crown of gold; sometimes the crown is generating energy flames and fireworks. Its basic meanings are the Planner of Evolution; the individual as a sovereign entity; the very High Priest or Priestess; the guardian of humanity, of Gaia and of the Gods. Used for self-affirmation; for personal autonomy; for protecting one’s essence; for finding a strategy for one’s development and life; for military, business or political strategies and tactics.

HATHOR: Its rank is 1 and its image is a burnt orange Cow with a Black Sun between her Horns or a Horned Woman with same Black Sun. Its basic meanings are: the feminine principle: feminine authority; the “stuff” of Creation; the female emerging from chaos; the Infinity with All the Possible; the female principle of Giving; the gift of the Gods to Humanity; the principle of Self-Creation. Used for self-realization and for actualizing any talent or potential; for all aspect of femininity that aren’t specially sexual; for executives; administrators and CEOs; for all forms of creativity; generating and giving; educating and gardening.

THOR VOLCAN, HEPHAISTOS, SHIVA: Its rank is 2 and its symbol is a Hammer & Anvil; likes color green; the red wine of immortality; the liquid in the Grail. Its basic meaning is The Divine Artist; magician and Warlock; creator of the male principle of immortality; the giver of shapes; the creator of all forms of life; incarnating the divine; male god of all artists; the principle of incarnation. Used for calling a child to one’s life; all forms of magic and rituals.

TIGANA: Its rank is 3 and its symbol is Black Panther; Black and blue Trillium; its basic meaning is the Healer and Witch; connected to Life Force itself. An artist and fiercely independent and sexy Goddess. Used for telepathy and intuition; for seeing auras and energies; for becoming witch, sorcerer, healer, warlock; neutralizer of black magic and voodoos; major healing power; herbalists; one of the forces of tantra.

MIN: Its rank is 3 and its symbol is the Red Rose she is the daughter of Aphrodite and Thor, other colors of the Rose indicate minor facets of the Goddess. She is the goddess of love and desire; she is creative inspiration. She should be the Goddess of all psychotherapists, psychologists etc. She could be used for any passage from darkness to light; to create the object of your inspiration or to experience the reality of your desire; it implies to talents to be developed; accessing the unconscious; healing the soul & psyche.

THE COSMIC FLOWER: Its rank is 1 and its symbol is any 5 petaled flower, especially white with some yellow. Its basic meaning is Liberty and Consciousness; the Quantum Principle; necessary to all creation and invention; cousin to the Prince and to Hathor; close to the Absolute; divine free will; source of the Angels Liberty; Source of Conscious Life and Individuation. Hard to touch and use directly; use the Angel Liberty whenever possible; artists and healers can use in conjunction with other gods; for Alchemy and Self-realization; for conscious re-incarnation; High Magic and Theurgy.

Its symbol is a human figure robed, white winged, aqua colored for Her, red and purple for Him; the Goddess Liberty: a woman crowned with Light, a Torch. The God Liberty of level 4 is not awakened yet; we only know the Goddess, under the guise of the statue of Liberty. All of these are the founding principle of the Age of Aquarius; they carry Liberty and personal consciousness; but also the use of chakras chi and prana, and the personal power necessary to the exercise of freedom. Used for freeing oneself or others from negative bonds at all levels from prisons all the way to psychological trauma, to social “prisons” and mental “jails”; to find courage and daring at being who you truly are; for learning all about chakras, chi and prana.

THE SPACE SHIP: Its rank is 2 and its form is any form of Spaceship; can be green and gold (yin dominates) or blue and indigo (yang dominates). It is the Source of the Griffins: the Power to Travel, Find, Explore, both within any dimensions and across dimensions; the principles behind all vehicles, including the body as a vehicle of the soul and spirit; the Adventurer and Scout. Used as the source of inspiration for all creative tech and engineers; for all knowledge explorers and researchers; for traveling and exploring, even figuratively; the knowledge of the biological body; for finding out anything.

THE GRIFFINS: Its rank is 3 and its symbol is a fusion of giant Eagle Large and Feline; the female is gold and green the male is blue and red. They are the guardians (of treasures, of anything precious, including children; Finders and Keepers; they are the KEYS to anything, both literally and figuratively, they like to work as a team. Can be used for finding any thing lost; for protecting children and other valuables; for finding the keys to knowledge, healing uncharted waters and territories and understanding the soul.

THE SPHINX (The Man-God): Its rank is 1 and its symbol is a blue or red or gold Sphinx (A Royal human head on Lion’s body). Its basic meaning is the principle behind positive thinking and the concept of thought forms; the mind as a direct creation principle: “I think, therefore it is” The Mind as The source of consciousness; the Divine Principle contained within humanity and human beings; The Maker of the philosopher’s stone. It is used for any knowledge, understanding or consciousness; for raising the self to divine states; the power of calling directly on the Divine while still incarnate; for making things happen without action; for all forms of magic and ritual.

LILITH (The incarnate angel): Its rank is 3 and its symbol is a female angel of indigo skin, gold hair and large black wings. Its basic meaning is the Keeper of the Soul and of the Spirit; the source of selfhood; a female warrior goddess; a (though no compromise) teacher of becoming oneself; a magician of great standing: passion of witches and goddesses of kundalini (hence a tie-in-with sexuality). She is used for awakening the Fire of the base of the spine; for being true to oneself; for anyone wishing to become witch or warlock; for self-realization as a true self; for any sexual therapy.

MARES rank 3/MARS rank 4. Its symbol is a Sword; a Menhir; a Pillar, red and gold are his color. Its basic meaning is a male archetype of Sex, War and Magic; the Eternal Warrior for the Light; god of honor, fidelity to the cause; male fertility principle; the god of writers; the healer in the incarnate; a son of the divine Scarab. He is used for manners of warriors and warlocks; for male potency; for any yang magic for protecting land and buildings; for protecting loved ones; for healing all wounds, physic and psychic; for being a healer.

THE GOLDEN SCARAB: Its rank is 2 and its symbol is an indigo scarab with the golden sun on its head and another between its front paws. Its basic meaning is The Divine Doctor, Medicine Man and Healer; the principle of self-resurrection and self-regeneration; the sum total of all knowledge relating to healing and regeneration. He is used for healing, all medicine; for the growing of medical plants; the use crystals in healing; the use of energy and ritual in healing; for renewing any energy.