Principles of Holistic Healing


Every organ in the human body possesses a healthy or natural state of functioning akin to their mental, spiritual and emotional states. And when they go out of balance, they feel something out of place no matter it is in the likes of discomfort, physical or emotional pain and they wish to return to their state of harmony naturally. It is here where holistic healing can help. This process is about bringing into alignment any imbalance with its natural and holistic state of functioning.


Helping in clearing the system mentally, physically and spiritually


Holistic healing in Canada is gaining ample recognition and the credit for this goes to every effort made by Jacques Tombazian, the brain child of the Alchemy 111 wellness center. He is a renowned holistic health practitioner who is committed to offer 100% wellness care and true holistic healing. Regardless of whether one wishes in optimizing the quality of their life or possesses specific health concerns, the team here is easy to communicate to, gentle in their approach and above all honour every patient’s individual needs. They invite people to join them on a wonderful voyage of self-discovery that will lead them to a place filled with love and infinite peace. Their philosophy is any symptom of a disease, illness or disorders that one may be experiencing actually are imbalances in their system. Jacques Tombazian does not seek in treating an ailment/disorder, but rather will help in clearing the system mentally, spiritually and physically so the body is capable of healing itself.


Principles of holistic approach


  • The patient is an individual, not a disease
  • All people possess innate healing powers
  • The treatment involves to fix the root cause of the problem, not merely alleviating the symptoms
  • Healing involves a team approach, including the practitioner and the patient and address every facet of the patient’s life utilizing different health care practices

More and more people are opting for a holistic approach because its goal is to align the mind, body and soul and promise a more balanced, healthier and happier state of being.

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