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Through his healing practice and remarkable teaching the last 22 years Jacques Tombazian facilitated thousands of life challenging interventions in domain of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Also improving all kinds of relationships and creating financial and professional success. (For more info please read the articles)

Do you have a specific healing request that would benefit from laser-focus healing?  Is there an area of your life that is lacking, or a particular challenge you are facing?  Jacques Tombazian has successfully assisted individuals in many different areas of their lives, as they face challenges and embark on various different levels of their individual journeys.

What kind of results can you expect?  Individual results vary  — however, an improvement in the situation is to be expected.  Please include your email address so that we can contact you to obtain the specifics of your request.

Receive 3 sessions for the price of 2 by paying in advance

Specific Healing
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1One-time Healing Request with Jacques$170.00
23 Healing Sessions with Jacques$340.00
3One-time Healing Request with Ruby$80.00
43 Healing Sessions with Ruby$160.00
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  1. Carol Asiaghi says:

    Thank you Jacques for your loving healing. I look forward to more. XXOO, Carol

  2. Rita Riedel says:

    Hi Jacques,

    I’d like to book 3 sessions as per my email to you. I will confirm details via email now after payment.

    Kind regards,


  3. Lamarche Delphine says:

    Hello Jacques,
    I’m glad to discover your site, as I me apprète to develop my activity under a commercial name “111″.
    I would like to appeal to you for two things:-the launch of my activity in July (I get local and renovates them) for an opening to the public the best in August and if not in September.
    I take substantial risks. But I feel scope. On the evidence, I would like to appeal to animate you it up to a beautiful realization and success that allows me to live quickly (j “have 4 children in low ages, I am only”).
    How this happens? What is the tariff, the delay?
    -Also, I have problems with skins for several years. Psychosomatic initially, now my skin is a fragility and sensitivity extreme, with many scars, it is more or less permanently damaged and I added in is on permanently.
    -My daughter Emma is somewhat “blood”. I would like that it found a domestic serenity so that they are twin.
    For these 3 queries, how can you help me, that advise me you, what would be the time and cost?
    I thank you.
    Nice day.

  4. anne says:

    Thank you! With great love! Anne

  5. Geetha Jayaraman says:

    Jacques, tried sending you an email, to jacques@alchemy111.com and it bounced back. Is this the right email?


  6. Kimberly Phillips says:


    We just spoke and I am incredibly excited for my appointment with you tomorrow at 10am. Thank you for fitting me in so quickly!


  7. Nicola Martin says:

    Dear Jacques

    I got your details from Rita Riedel in Perth who I am strudying with. I believe Rita found out about you from Clare Rosenfield who I also study with.

    I wanted to find out from you whether you think I should book 3 sessions or 1 session with you based on your experience.

    I do not feel the energy of dark spirits around me much – and recently 3 people have mentioned these to me and so I am led to explore this more. I have had some amazing experiences of stepping into light of extraordinary power recently and I think Rita mentioned that I would possibly be attracting dark spirits because of this.

    I would like to understand these spirits more (and maybe why I do not feel them around me – though when guided to where they are I can feel them but usually I feel a sadness about them rather than a badness if that makes any sense). Also if I have any of them around me, I would love them to be healed with love.

    I would love a general healing and also to understand how you work as I have been studying kinesiology and other energy healing modalities over the last 2 years.

    Much love


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