The Path to the 5th dimension

by Jacques Tombazian©


The search for a higher purpose has become a serious quest these days. More and more people are on their own personal journey to discover what makes them tick and to figure out why they are here, what their life purpose is and more importantly, how can they achieve all that they want to achieve while feeling healthy and vibrant. This book touches upon these deep yearnings and desires while illuminating them in a mind -blowing experience that promises to penetrate the readers with a newfound sense of truth, authenticity, and self-affirmation.

Since the beginning of time, humanity completed cycles and transitioned to the next ones. Civilizations evolved and transformed depending on the nature and the qualities of the particular new astrological era. We are now in the process of a dramatic new transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius and because the unique nature of this new era is related to the awakening of consciousness, to Enlightenment and Self-Realization, the awareness of human beings will change to a degree that will be unprecedented.

According to Marc Beriault, a very well-known author alchemist and astrologer, for the first time in history of humanity, the smaller cycle of the Age of Aquarius that lasts 2149.7 years and the larger cycle that lasts 25,784 years are coinciding at the same time period. When we have a double Age of Aquarius like this, it is not called transformation anymore. It is called the transmutation of the human race into a new Enlightened semi-Divine Race. IT is like going onto the next step of the evolution ladder.
As opposed to the previous era, the Age of Aquarius will be an age of personal consciousness as opposed to the group-oriented consciousness of the Age of Pisces where groups tended to follow a leader or a particular religion and belief system. Aquarius will reveal to us technologies, inventions and knowledge that were once believed to be only science fiction. Metaphysical sciences such as Energy Medicine, Awakening to Higher Consciousness, Enlightenment, Alchemy, Sacred Sexuality, Kundalini Awakening, High Magic and Self-Realization that were previously looked upon as weird or taboo is and are going to be very popular and will be part of our daily life. We are and will be seeing major breakthroughs in the domain of Energy Medicine through healing major diseases spontaneously in a very short period of time and we are and will be seeing energy healers and Alchemists regenerating physical organs that do not exist anymore in the physical body.

Some people already feel the shift and embrace the new energy of the Age of Aquarius; their lives have accelerated and keep changing. Creativity and personal power have become very important in their lives. People are transmuting themselves and reaching Enlightenment and beyond, they are expressing these changes through their individualized consciousness, and thereby affecting the whole planet.

To make this important transition, humans will need to call upon the Divine Beings who are willing to present to us a new knowledge that allows us to transmute the existing energetic structures of our cells, our genetic code, our karmic code, our DNA, our organs, our chakras and our subtle bodies that surround our physical body into the new energetic structures of the Age of Aquarius and allow us to exist in the 5th dimension..

This new knowledge is based on existing and living fully in each of the five planes of existence: the Physical plane of our Body, the Cosmic plane of our Soul, the Spiritual plane of our Spirit, the plane of Creation of our body of Creation and the plane of the Absolute of our body of the Absolute. With this new system we need to develop 999 chakras and 999 subtle bodies that surround our Body, our Soul, our Spirit, our body of Creation and our body of the Absolute.

The chakras of this new structure are based on two pyramids of 999 angles opposing each other and each pyramid generates 999 spirals that has the sacred form of the Divine proportion of the Fibonacci sequence and when the descending spirals meet with the ascending spirals between the two pyramids they generate a teal color fire which is used for creating and sustaining each of the 999 subtle bodies. In addition, all of the minor and major chakras, cells and organs are enveloped by these new 999 angled double pyramids and they are connected to each other by these sophisticated energetic spirals.

These multiple spirals generate vortexes in the pyramids of our new energetic structures and once they are humming in their full capacity they can transmit Higher Knowledge, Consciousness and Power coming from the Planes of Creation and the Planes of the Absolute, which are beyond the dimensions of time and space. Such transmitted Knowledge, Consciousness and Power will allow us to transmute our consciousness and allow us to exist in the 5th dimension, which will in turn have a powerful positive domino effect on the collective unconscious.

In order to develop our energetic structure to live in the 5th dimension, we need to release all old energies that don’t serve us. By releasing energy like anger, doubt, fear, disease, negative interaction with others (energetic cords), judgment or belief systems residuals from a group collective consciousness, we also need to disintegrate our existing DNA/Tree of life, chakras and subtle bodies and replace them with the energetic structures.

What is the fifth dimension?


The fifth dimension brings space-time into relationship with the timeless and the eternal. The Fifth-dimensional space creates a movement of consciousness rather than a movement on the physical plane. This movement allows us to begin to perceive the unity of life and matter because we are moving within a higher plane; we have access to a broader view of what reality really is. The most important difference between the Third and the Fifth Dimensional reality is a change in the nature of Time and Space and how they are perceived. Time and Space were fixed realities in the Third Dimension. In the Fifth Dimension they are fluid energies in a state of potential as we have known in Quantum Physics. The only Time we have in the Fifth dimension is the present moment, the past and the future is irrelevant here. The only important thing is our pure Intention and Intent to create our new reality in the present moment of the NOW!
The Fifth Dimension is a Powerful and Magical place! And know that your Intention and your Intent will become increasingly powerful and you will be able to manifest in your life your desires because you will be able to stop, to organize, and to manifest time in the present moment of Now and stretch time to eternity to co-create, please know that once you exist in this plane and embrace the new energy of the Age of Aquarius; your life will accelerate and you have to be ready for rapid changes and absolutely detached from your old identity and embrace your own Creative Unfolding.
But before starting to build the new structure that allows you to exist in the 5th dimension, you have to release and heal energies from your body that doesn’t serve your highest good to prepare you for the new structure. Following are what needs to be released and healed and the inner journeys that allow you to do it will be at the later chapters.
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