The Tangible Benefits of Holistic Remedies Offered At Alchemy111


Holistic healing is not a current trend. This approach is being practiced extensively since quite some time. The concept of “survival of the fittest” is creating stress and tension in every field, every age and every generation. But lately it is required on a greater magnitude and a larger scale due to the increased strain and anxiety from a tender age. Moreover, in big cities the soaring pollution takes a toll on one’s health. Minor chronic ailments such as disorders and disturbed life cycles are effects which pollution leads to. No matter one’s issue being major or minor, for keeping them under control, Jacques Tombazian the renowned holistic health practitioner at Alchemy111 offers a wide array of holistic approaches for different age groups.


How healing works?


The healing sessions offered at Alchemy111 aims to purify the body and the soul. Its benefits include recovery from treatments such as chemotherapy, postponement of aging, boost up vitality, support the immune system, toxin reduction, clear energy blockages, pain relief, speeding up self-healing ability and release stress. Jacques Tombazian’s holistic remedies can help in the following way,

  • Help to relax at a higher level
  • Help to detoxify
  • Eradicate energy blockages
  • Offer positive and new energy which is propelled via universal life energy
  • Augment the recipient’s body’s vibration frequency
  • Every form of stress related ailment including spondylitis, sinusitis, scleroderma, gastric ulcer, blood pressure, diabetes, back pain, arthritis, allergy, asthma, migraine, headache, female problems and various other ailments
  • The negative energy which is typically the outcome of conventional treatment and medicines can be avoided easily as there is zero side effects in healing

Healing approach is a positive means of promoting relaxation, peace and stress reduction. Its tangible advantages are that this process accelerates the healing practice physically along with feeding energy into the spirit. After all, an energized spirit will lead to positive responses in every part of the body. The healing practices offered at Alchemy111 will let one’s body clear itself thereby letting them feel lighter, happier and healthier.

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