Top 5 Simple Constants Every Woman Needs For Happiness

Being an independent woman is a responsibility, a lot more than a man. It takes its own toll on your body and mind. Most of the time you are tolerating rather than acceptance, in the course of time you may lose your sight of your dream, the passion and a quest to find your original self.


What is happiness? In a simplistic definition it is a sanity of your physical, emotional and spiritual being. How to find it? Is it holistic remedies are the only means to find it? How healing therapies can alleviate your emotional pain? Let’s find out.



Did you notice how much you feel good after a good sleep? Sleep is an antidepressant and great healer. However, good sleep depends on two factors – productivity and logistic. If you are tired and go to sleep, the fact is you are probably at best bored or stressed. If you are productive, you will seldom weary of your work unless you are doing strenuous physical labor. People get frustrated, disappointed, discouraged and that effect on their sleeping pattern. If you are bored do something like cleaning your books, go for a long walk, clean your cabinet or even check all your mails.


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The logistic is important as you need a comfortable place to sleep where silence and darkness rules. If you aren’t able to sleep in the darkness you will probably need some emotional healing therapies.




Women may not eat a lot in front of people but they do relish food more than men. Food is an essential part of our happiness. It is not that we have to eat like a Jughead Jones but we must take pleasure what we eat. Avoid loads of caffeine in your diet, which is nothing but artificial stimulant that ruins your sleep, increase anxiety and destroy metabolism mechanism. Do not go for boring diet; try always something new.


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Exercise is a natural antidepressant and it is absolutely free! Move your body, leave your sedentary lifestyle, envy celebrities shapes and play with onlookers’ glares.




Did you notice almost every successful woman has a lovely open-ended laugh? Try to practice smile, try to laugh openly at funny bones of life.


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Physical Intimacy


Women sexuality is a tricky affair. Do not pressurize yourself to attain the peak of sexual happiness forcefully. Relax and just stimulate your thoughts, find what your partner really wants for the pleasure. Let your imagination runs wild and keep alive your sensual desires.


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