Top 8 Best Stress Relief Methods In Practice

Stress is the first step towards anxiety, and long-term anxiety problem leads to chronic depression. Stress in an initial level deals with the objective facts of life whereas depression is much more penetrating and involves emotional and existential states. A stress reliever initially alleviates stress by secreting stress hormone. It induces clarity and calmness and eventually one can take a decision with less confusion. Here are some tips by psychologist to relieve stress in day to day life.


1. One method is to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system by deep breathing from your diaphragm. Parasympathetic fibers spread throughout your lips, so lightly run your fingers on your lips will stimulate the nervous system and calm your mind.


2. Natural surroundings are the best way to calm the mind. Go outside, bask in the sun, and observe trees, clouds and anything you like. This casual observation of nature gradually stops incessant internal chattering and relieves stress.


3. One of the physical healing of stress is to progressive muscle relaxation. PMR is effective in physical stress and other physiological symptoms such as acid refluxes.


4. Sometimes interpersonal communication is greatly help in reducing stress and worry. You can talk to your friend who is supportive, listener and know you best.


5. Another way is to sit quiet and witness your thoughts. This is a principle method of meditation but you don’t have to be ritualistic in doing this method. You can’t stop the problems but you can manage yourself and stop the internal response.


6. When you are aware you stress level is up and cause you uncomforting problems, immediately slow down your work and engage in something you usually don’t do. For example, stop working on laptop and start cleaning your house or doing errands etc.


7. Doing regular exercise, even long walks can reduce stress by 70%. So, always find some 1 hour or so for exercise every day.


8. Always remind yourself that you are doing best what you can in the present circumstances. Always be flexible in your approach and keep a positive outlook.