Transform Your Lives in Alchemy111′s Holistic Healing Center


Relationships constantly cycle through ups and downs. None of us are perfect and hence these shortcomings can cause strains in a relationship. If you have been noticing tremors in the bond in your marriage, family or friendship you need to look for ways to bring it back to normalcy. For healing relationships you would need to spend quality time with your loved ones to sort out all the differences. This isn’t possible when you are pre-occupied with your professional lives. A retreat to a calm and peaceful environment would allow you to relax and reflect upon the facts and circumstances that have led to a strained relationship.


At Alchemy111 we appreciate the effort you put to repair the fault lines in your relationships and offer you the perfect environment to heal them. At our spiritual Wellness Retreat Center in Castlegar, a city located in the Selkirk Mountains at the confluence of the Kootenay Lake and Columbia River we offer you the perfect retreat from your fast and busy lives. The center has embraced Mother Nature’s gift to maximum and offers you the perfect environment for healing, reflection, relaxation and spiritual renewal. You will enjoy the small gifts of nature such chirping of birds that you may have missed for ages.


This holistic healing center is the brain child of Jacques Tombazian and has facilitated thousands of life challenging interventions and helped in healing relationships and rekindling love and joy among people. The healing techniques practiced here focus on guiding you to the root cause of the problems in your relationship and how you can sort them out. Apart from healing your relationship it also helps you get rid of stress, anxiety and reach a new state of spiritual consciousness. We at Alchemy111 believe every relationship deserves a chance and offers a healing opportunity. Act before it is too late.


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