Unconditional Love and Sacred Sexuality

The past 2 thousand years during the Age of Pisces, we were supposed to learn the positive side of Pisces which is True Compassion. The next 2 thousand years during Age of Aquarius we are going to learn how to Love Unconditionally.

Unconditional love means that your love is not conditional to what you get from it which is very different from what people think. It just means that they are who they are and you love them like that and you don’t expect benefits. When you start needing benefits from your love, then it’s conditional. I love you if you are this way, or if you do this, if you come home at 6 o’clock for supper or whatever, that’s conditional. Unconditional Love is when you perceive the true reality of that other person, you accept that other person for what he or she is including their potential for growth. And then since you see them so clearly, you will act to favor that they grow in their own pattern even if it means that your woman goes away from you because she needs too, you still favor or help her. That’s Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love doesn’t mean that you accept any abuse from a person that you love. When they mistreat you, you’re not going to take it. It means you love them and you set no conditions for loving them. But if they give you mistreat you, maybe you disagree with them while you still love them. Unconditional Love does not mean that you are supposed to love anybody, anyhow, anywhere all the time. That’s stupid love. Unconditional means that you put no conditions of self-benefit on the love you give to people.

When you reach Enlightenment through this work, Wisdom would come with some forms of compassion, and some forms of true Unconditional Love. But Enlightenment is the first big step into reaching God. But people think that it’s the end of the path, but it’s the true beginning towards the Absolute through the 5th Dimension.


The first sign of pre-Enlightenment is a psychological one. People start having a true sense of humor about themselves, about sin, about error. And the great tolerance for human faith but the sense of humor is maybe the first sign. You have all these serious people out there who think that things are terrible or good or all that, when they start getting a true sense of humor and they can laugh about it, even about themselves, they’re maybe not enlightened yet but they’re getting there. That’s the first sign. The second sign is realizing that everything they have learned in their culture or religion or whatever, is just one form, not the form. They’re born Jewish or Christian or Muslim etc. and suddenly they realize that that’s just one little form among many that are possible. And suddenly they go beyond. Maybe nominally they remain Jewish, Muslim or Christians etc. They just don’t make social waves around their religions and their more open, compassionate and respectful to the other point of views. The third sign is the radical change in their attitude toward sex. Here I am not referring to people denying sex or not denying sex or having hang ups or not having hang ups. That’s not the point. Suddenly they realize that sex is very important. Not as a gratification like you have an ice cream or something. Sex becomes very important because it touches upon something Divine. It doesn’t matter. If they had no hang ups before, they have no hang ups now. But the way they approach sexuality changes. Also they tend to detach sex from the couple, from love and all that. They suddenly see sex as something Divine and Sacred that has enormous value and importance for their energetic development and spiritual evolution. They tend to start abandoning judgments about what’s right and wrong about sex. And they go into it. It doesn’t mean they’re going to divorce their wives or husband or not divorce them. It’s just means that the whole relationship with sexuality changes tremendously. There’s one problem and this happens often when these people are in a couple, there’s no guaranty that the two are going to be enlightened at the same time.