Why People Are Sick, Placebo & Alchemy

Why People Are Sick

Science has established much about the mind/body connection.  But what do we know about emotions, placebo effect, and how they relate to health?

Emotions are what we feel internally, and in our body, upon interpreting an external event.  Sometimes, we feel emotions like happiness, and other times we feel fear.  Ideally, we integrate these emotions into our lives and understand why we feel them – but when we don’t, the result can be repressed emotions.

Take fear for example.  If fear is experienced, but not resolved, it can get repressed, or pushed down into the body.  This act of repression over time can lead to illness.

Imagine a situation in which a person is fearful of death.  Perhaps they aren’t fully aware of this, or don’t admit it to themselves or others.  It is easier for her to believe she is immortal than to say she is afraid of death.  Since death is a part of life, when you refuse death you refuse life, too.

Perhaps this person tries hard to control life, so as to not die.  She is so preoccupied with eating the right food and breathing the right air.  She tries to control her relationship, children, security, and just about every other external element.  The belief here is that if she can control everything around her, she can somehow evade death!  Unfortunately, it is likely that the moment she succeeds in controlling a major event in her life, she ends up with cancer or another terminal illness.

Imagine this person hates life and has a destructive personality toward herself and others.  Or perhaps she has a life attitude of being a victim. Victim or guilt consciousness, fear of death, hate, unwillingness to forgive, and instances in which a person refuses to recognize his or her identity can lead to mysterious illnesses like AIDS.

In instances in which a woman refuses to accept her femininity or sexuality, it is possible she has problems with the female reproductive system.  Or in instances in which a woman is conditioned to be the perfect wife and mother, but does not truly want children – if she represses her true desires and has children, it is possible she ends up with an illness like breast cancer.

Often times, control issues are related to arthritis when the person does not succeed in controlling his or her external environment.  When he or she does succeed, cancer could be quick to follow.

To be healthy in each aspect of our lives – health, profession, family, or spirituality – it is recommended that we align ourselves with our life purpose, and deal with emotions, while neutralizing and releasing internal and external influences that are unhealthy.  If we can release unhealthy connections to others and the collective, it is possible that we awaken our inner power and connect with our higher self.

The Placebo Effect and Alchemical Work

What is Alchemy, and how does it differ from the placebo effect?  Simply put, the placebo effect works through expectancy and faith, while Alchemy is the knowledge of transmuting energy, consciousness, and matter.  Where the placebo effect is only about 30% effective in most instances, Alchemy has been known to have an effectiveness ratio of 90%!

With the placebo effect, in instances in which a patient believes the doctor has the ability to cure and eliminate disease, healing is more likely to occur.  The problem with the placebo effect is that different placebos have different effects, depending on the health condition and circumstances.  In short, it is unpredictable, unreliable, and not always effective.

For as long as humanity has been in existence, Alchemy has been the main path to medicine, awakening, enlightenment, and self-realization.  Until the times of science and modern medicine, Alchemy was primarily relied upon for medical transformation:  alchemists were known to transform deadly poisons or inert organic substances into valuable medicines, capable of bringing about beneficial healing transformations in an individual!

When science began to gain ground, the Laws of the Universe were established, and we began to understand how things work, from a scientific viewpoint, modern medicine was born.  Does this mean that Alchemy is irrelevant, and/or doesn’t work?  Although some argue that it is not readily explained by scientific standards, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!  Science is continuously evolving, however, as new discoveries are made.  Quantum physics has most recently made some interesting observations that connect ancient Alchemy with modern science, as the nature of energy, matter, and consciousness is understood.

On an energetic level, Alchemy can purify unhealthy energies and links between individuals and groups, and illuminate negative energies and presences from our bodies.  It can neutralize our self-sabotaging and destructive tendencies, while helping to release our fears, despair, resistance, and insecurities.  It repairs chakras and subtle bodies, while aligning us with our higher self and our life purpose.  Since our chakras and subtle bodies are the mechanism of life and consciousness, our awareness can experience a sharp level of increase.

Overall, Alchemy works with the whole of a person, from the physical to the energetic, all important for the whole well-being of a person.  It is a tool for a joyful, constructive evolution.